contractor overcharging by 40%
Posted by donna on June 18, 2001 at 18:49:14:
Hi. Can you help me? Just had the bathroom remodled. Thought the contractor did as agreed but after the job was finished he submitted a bill for 40% more. He claimed "extras" like 'moving the heating vent' (said it was a 'request') but the vent was at the foot of the chimney that he had to box in and was even discussed at the time of the estimate. Also he said the floor tiles would look better on a diagonal and then did them that way and then charged us more for that too. He also charged us 'extra' for putting the moulding back over the raw edge of the drywall(between the window edge and he raw edge of the new drywall) and claimed the 'unforseen need to reroute several plumbing lines ', but the estimate states 'move the plumbing to the new configuration '. Theres lots more like this - totalling 40% more than his estimate. Not once during the job did he say there was anything unforseen or suggest there was extra costs. Am I being ripped off? I sure fell like I am. I feel as if the estimate had no meaning at all and that he is free to state anything he wants as unforseen or extra. Your opinion?

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