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I'm guessing that you do realize that low water pressure is not going to make the water cold; and certainly not cold enough to freeze you in 85 degree temperature. The upstairs shower has dirt and sand deposits in the aereator portion of the shower head, or else the hot water faucet valve has a water shutoff washer loose. First unscrew the shower head, close the door (or close the shower curtain) and turn on the cold water. Is it VERY Foreceful? Lots of Pressure? Try the Hot. Same thing? Soak the shower head in vinegar a couple hours to rid it of some of the hard water deposits and scale, then put it in a dishpan and rinse it. (Put it in the dishpan to catch the small interior parts that come out {if any} when rinsing) Did that work?

If there is a faucet seat loose in the hot and cold water mixing valve body, we can talk you through it, but you'll save lots of time and headaches if you call a LICENSED plumber after you can't fix the trouble yourself.

Good Luck

: Hello-
: I recently purchased a 22 year old house that has well water with a water softener unit. The well is 200� deep and the pressure is supposedly set at 60�psi (written on the softener unit, can�t find the actual gauge) I have normal water pressure from all the faucets in the house (1 1/2 bath) but the upstairs shower has extremely low water pressure. I mean extremely low! I actually freeze in the shower when its 85� outside. Before I call in a plumber to see if I have a problem, is there anything that I can do on my own to increase the water pressure? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

: Elaine

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