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Posted by More on June 16, 2001 at 22:39:08:
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Go to the library for books on do it yourself bathtub installations, to get the rough idea. Cast iron claw foot tubs can get VERY HEAVY and difficult to manuever into doorways, over thresholds, and around tight turns. The self help books don't tell you to measure very carefully if the tub will fit into the doorways and make the turns. They also don't advise you to install the supply and drainage fixtures and then finished flooring (at least under the tub area) PRIOR to putting that heavy tub into the room and crowding the plumber. The difficult portion is the drain connection lining up plumb and square without leaks of water, sewage, or noxious fumes, with this very heavy tub. This is one of the reasons Licensed plumbers are called in, instead of joe everyday from handymanshelperdot com. Contact a LICENSED plumber, and be glad for the professional help. cut corners and save money somewhere else.

: They are usually self-explanatory if you have the proper hardware.

: : I would like to know if there is a book that explains how to install a clawfoot bathtub. I have the fixtures but need more info on how-to. Thanks

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