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Posted by More on June 16, 2001 at 22:20:16:
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Both trades professionals are correct. Cast iron is very solid and heavy, and will hide drainage noises better. The plumber is concerned for the longevity of the installation, and creating a weakness by removing sections of cast iron and replacing it with plastic. Of course the plumber could replace cast iron with cast iron, which would be more expensive for you, but much easier to live with years down the road, without listening to the noise. Read further down in these pages, go back a few months, and see the titles that say HELP, AIRPLANE NOISE IN THE WALLS!!! or such like that. The architect is concerned for your health, safety, sanity, and happiness, and is thinking about if you have a family in this lovely house, and water usage increases each year.

: We bought a house build in 1928. It has cast iron and galvanized pipes. We are remodeling bath and adding a second. Plumber recommended replacing all galvanized with copper (which we agree is a good idea) and all cast iron with PVC. What do you think? Our architects think PVC will create more noise behind walls, but the plumber thinks it's the better thing to do instead of having to connect new PVC to existing cast iron at various points. (No one has said the cast iron is in bad shape.)

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