Low Flow Toilets Clogging
Posted by Debra Baxter on June 14, 2001 at 15:22:44:
I moved into a new house in February. After 2 months the two toilets both started clogging. The contractor replaced them with American Standard Cadet toilets, which after all I've read, should be good toilets, even though they are low flow. They also look like they have a better flush than the original ones. However, they both clogged up right away and still clog up any time there is solid waste. I'm considering buying pressure assisted toilets, but would prefer to keep these because seem like good toilets. I have tried dumping a bowl of water into the toilet bowl to check the venting system, and they pass (they flush). My contractor is going to check the drain pipe size and drain pitch, as I've read that the drain pipe should be 3", not 4" and the pitch has to be just right for low flow toilets. I doubt those are things are causing the problem though. I suspect a possible plug in the drain, but my contractor does not think that could be possible because the plumber snaked the drain when he put the new toilets in and the problem probably isn't further down the drain. Do you have any other suggestions? Is it the toilets or something else? Should I just give it up and get the pressure assisted toilets? Locally, the only one I've seen in the home building stores is a Crane Economizer, which a friend of mine has and is happy with. Thanks for your help.

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