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Posted by hj on June 14, 2001 at 09:09:09:
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The Delta Monitor, top of the line model, has a large volume control handle and a smaller, presettable, temperature lever. It is the only one I use for single handle installations because of that capability. You ccan either attach the unit to a standard shower arm or you can get a shower elbow from the unit's manufacturer which lets the hose drop straight down next to the wall.

: Hi. I am renovating the tub/shower unit I have to replace the faucets, valves, etc. I currently have a tub spout, shower arm/head, and three handles -- one for cold water, one for hot, and a diverter to switch between spout and shower head. For the new stuff, I wanted to use a handshower with hose in place of the shower head. It is important to me that I be able to control not only water temperature, but also water volume.
: In terms of looks, I liked Kohler K-T312-6, but if I read the description correctly, that does not allow for adjusting water volume. In fact, most one piece diverter/temp. controls do not appear to allow for volume control. Am I stuck to staying with the three handle units in order to accomplish this, or are their one pieces that will acheive what I want? Also, for the handshower, I assume I still need to purchase a shower arm, and the handshower unit would just be attached where the shower head would have connected to the shower arm. Can I get any shower arm and assume that the handshower will work with it, or do I need to order from the same manufacturer (or even a specific unit made specifically for a particular handshower) to be assured it would work? Thanks to anyone that can provide me with any assistance!

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