Re: septic tank instalation diagram
Posted by hj on June 14, 2001 at 09:05:27:
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The first thing to understand is that septic tank installations are regulated. Therefore, you have to contact your agency for their requirements and whether they will approve a home made tank. If they do, then they will also have the rest of the specifications, i.e., leach field dimensions based on your perc test, bedding, etc.

: I would like to form and pour my on septic tank.
: I need to know what the inside looks like, where the holes go, how much gravel goes under the pipe, how long they need to be.
: I have a three bed room house ,with lowest seapage rate.
: I have heard you can stack them, I have heard all kind of stuff .
: I need someone who knows to draw me a digram.
: thanks
: Jay

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