Extreme Newbie: Shower Base Drain Installation due to small leak
Posted by Jarman Jorres on June 13, 2001 at 16:37:41:
I removed the shower base drain from my fiberglass shower stall by unscrewing it from the piping under the shower. The piping was connected via a gasket/seal and solvent. I removed the gasket which had a small tear. I purchases a 2" oatey no calk item 42099. Comparing it against the one I uninstalled I noticed the old shower base drain was only threaded for about an inch where the oatey was threaded for about two inches. Also there was a nut for fastening the drain on the oatey that did not exist on the old drain. I also did a "dry run" screwing in the base drain and it seems to fit.

So my questions are:
1. Should I try to locate a base drain that resembles the one I uninstalled. If so do you know where I can find one? It is black plastic (maybe pvc?) with about one inch of thread and no nut.

2. How do I seal the gasket to the pipe and tub (ie technique, adhesives, etc)

3. What do I put on the threads before screwing in the new base (ie cement, etc)

4. What the best way to clean the old thread in the drain piping. The is much residue which makes screwing in the base drain very difficult? Is there something I can put on the threads to make the screwing in action easier (ie soap water mix)

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated

mucho thanx


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