Leaky sewer pipe in a run down house - common problem?
Posted by Mary on June 12, 2001 at 22:49:46:
My landlord recently revealed that there is a crack in the sewer pipe running between the second and first floor of the apartment I am renting. He is not sure how long the crack has been there, but it's looking like at least a few months and possibly, a few years. He had a handyman erect a wooden support in the last month to hold up the basement ceiling, which had clearly been affected by water damage. Although I knew about the structure, it never occurred to me that the damage was from a leaky sewage pipe. I assumed it was from water outside leaking into the basement. The most revolting thing is that the wall between the bathroom & my bedroom is most likely completely rotted from the constant sewage traffic. I can't believe I was unaware of this until now & I am shocked that my landlord has, despite knowning about this for some time (based on the structure in the basement) chose to do nothing. He is now having the leaky portion of the pipe replaced next week, but even this seems too long for me, now that I am aware of the problem. Do you have any idea how common a problem this is and how people typically respond? I am considering calling my local health department to take a look & attempting to split before my lease runs out. If you knew how much my roommate & I pay in rent, you would understand how completely obscene this is.

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