Re: Pipe Sizes for normal residential house elements
Posted by Terry Love on June 12, 2001 at 20:57:43:
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: Hello Sirs,

: I am interested in re-plumbing my home, I will be using Kitec PEX and would like to know the normal sizes that connect to basic plumbing fixtures ie Toilet,batch room sinks, shower, Kitchen Sinks, Dish Washer, Washing Machine, Outside Faucets.

: I would like to make one run to each area with a large Hot and Cold water line then use a manifold to split off for Sink, Toilet, Shower for Cold and Hot.

: As soon as I can determine the size of the pipes directly connection the different elements at each location and the chances which ones will be on at one time (Flow Characteristics) I can calculate the size of the main line to the location.

: Appreciate all of your help in this regard. Joe,

The link below has basic information on pipe sizing. They could be different in you local area. It also depends on pressure. The charts are for medium pressure ranges. Terry

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