Re: 8x10 Tiles on tub/shower ceiling???
Posted by John Bridge on June 10, 2001 at 18:54:59:
In response to Re: 8x10 Tiles on tub/shower ceiling???
: We are remodeling our 40 year old bath in a few weeks. We've selected 8x10 ceramic tiles for the shower/tub wall and are considering the idea of running these tiles right up over the ceiling section in that area. I am trying to keep it as easy as possible to keep clean, as our old ceiling never had an exhaust fan and is terribly mildewed. Will 8x10 ceramic tiles adhere ok to the ceiling? It is a very small area, with a slight pitch to the ceiling. The overall size of this bathroom is only 5x7. I'd appreciate any comments or advise. Thank you!

Hi Patty,

Ceilings don't get a lot of moisture, and there is no problem at all installing the tiles over it. Clean the mold off completely with a mild solution of laundry bleach and water (this means Clorox to most of us). Let it dry thoroughly, and then use thin set mortar as your adhesive.

Obviously, though, you won't be able to line up the joints on all three walls.


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