old copper underground sprinkler system
Posted by Daniel on June 09, 2001 at 12:47:19:
I have an old 30 years old copper sprinkler system. It has 4 zones and 2 of the zones stopped working.
I dugup the location of the 2 valves for these zones and found a large metal valve with a small metal valve sitting
on top of it. The top valve is connected to the timer and has to water connections to the bottom valve. When I
disconect the top valve from the bottom one the zone starts working. I tried connecting a plastic valve to
the bottom metal valve but it doesn't work. I had a few sprinkler guys looked at it and they said I needed to cut
the whole thing out and replace it with a modern valve setup. Has anyone seen this type of setup? Would I be
able to just replace the top valve that is connected to the timer? Where would I buy one? Thanks!!

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