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Posted by tony decrescentis on June 08, 2001 at 17:14:29:
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I just installed a KohlerWellworth toilet and it
works great. Check and make sure that all of the
in-tank hardware is in place correctly. Also,
check to see that there is no obstruction at the
wax seal/ring locationwhere the toilet is
supposed to discharge. It should work very well,
by flushing quickly and the flap seal coming down
quicklyto keep the flushing water from exceeding
the 1.6 gal per flush limit. It sounds as if
there is an obstruction of the discharge end.

: Terry:

: I removed my toilet a year ago and just recently
: installed a new Kohler Wellworth Toilet. When flushing
: , the water rises almost to the point of overflowing
: and almost never flushes properly.
: I also used a Fluidmaster wax-free bowl gasket. After
: reviewing your website, I realize that I should have
: invested in a better toilet!! Could the toilet be
: the entire cause of this problem?

: Thank you,

: Joe

Kohler Wellworth toilet with Ingenium Flush

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