Toilet Flange Height Problem
Posted by Byron on June 08, 2001 at 12:38:55:

I recently removed a 2 inch tiled concrete floor in a first floor bathroom that was placed right over top of the original vinyl tile floor that came with the house when it was built in around 1950. It looks like the person who put in the "second" floor simply mated another cast-iron pipe over top of the old one to get to his new desired height. I tried to pull it off but it didn't budge.

So now I have a cast-iron pipe with a flange that sticks up about 1 inch more than the finished floor. I could build a little platform for the toilet to sit on but I am curious how to handle this problem with plumbing. The bathroom is on the first floor and I can get to the pipe that goes down the basement wall fairly easily. Would you cut the pipe from below, pull it through from above, and then attach another kind of pipe, to the cast-iron somehow?

I would rather not have to rip the floor apart to do this and I would prefer to do the work myself (I'm not a plumber though).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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