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Posted by David Campbell on June 08, 2001 at 02:17:44:
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Would extending the vent stack with an elbow so that it goes up above the eave have an impact or would the angle totally ruin the effect of the vent stack.
: That is one of the results of a vent that is terminated through a wall. The other one is that when the wind blows from that direction it can create pressure imbalances which can cause trap oscillation and possible seal failure.

: : Thanks Terry. This will help a lot. I think you have a great site and I am sure I will back with other questions in the future. As matter of fact, I have one now that is related to this. The sewer vent normally goes up through the roof, but in this building it comes out through a second floor toliet wall underneath the eave. Will this configuration work? It seems to me that whenever we have strong winds we get the smells blowing back into the building.
: : : It would plumb like the tub in the drawing above. Terry

: : : : Thanks for the advice and the photo. You wouldn't happen to have a diagram of the correct installation of a floor mounted urnal.

: : : : : From your answer, I assume that these are floor mounted urinals with the pipe exiting the bottom center of the fixture. If so, then tell them that without the trap, a baby "sewer monster" can enter the building and might grow up and destroy the city.

: : : : : : Thanks for the answer. There is nothing under the floor, so what should I tell the plumber to do about it. I didn't mention that this building is in Japan, so I have to try to get the plumber to listen to me. My past experience is that they don't enjoy having laymen questioning their judgement.
: : : : : : : If they are floor mounted then the trap has to be under the floor. Wall mount urinals either have the trap built in, or it is visible beneath the urinal.

: : : : : : : : Our school building has two urinals, but we have been plauged for years with a bad toilet smell. Recently, we had a plumbing problem and I was under the building, but didn't see anything like a trap for the urinal. Are they built in?

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