Re: PVC to Cast Iron Bell
Posted by Ron on June 07, 2001 at 17:38:55:
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: : I would like to fit new 4" PVC into an existing bell from an old bell & spigot joint. I plan to use a die grinder and carbide burr to cut the Cast pipe that's in the bell, insert the PVC, pack with Oakum, then pack with lead wool. Will this be a properly sealed assembly?

: Lou,
: It may be easier to use a drill and sawzall to cut the lead, then pry it out with a screwdriver. You can use a Tyseal or similar made by Fernco instead of the lead and oakum with the schedule 40 PVC pipe. You just need to nerf the end of the pipe and lube it up with soap. Terry

Matt ask what it means to nerf the pipe which I assumed means to bevel it. I want to know what a Tyseal is and are they readily available at home improvement stores or is it a plumbing shop only thing because I don't recall ever seeing one.

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