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Posted by hj on June 06, 2001 at 23:58:52:
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That is one of the results of a vent that is terminated through a wall. The other one is that when the wind blows from that direction it can create pressure imbalances which can cause trap oscillation and possible seal failure.

: Thanks Terry. This will help a lot. I think you have a great site and I am sure I will back with other questions in the future. As matter of fact, I have one now that is related to this. The sewer vent normally goes up through the roof, but in this building it comes out through a second floor toliet wall underneath the eave. Will this configuration work? It seems to me that whenever we have strong winds we get the smells blowing back into the building.
: : It would plumb like the tub in the drawing above. Terry

: : : Thanks for the advice and the photo. You wouldn't happen to have a diagram of the correct installation of a floor mounted urnal.

: : : : From your answer, I assume that these are floor mounted urinals with the pipe exiting the bottom center of the fixture. If so, then tell them that without the trap, a baby "sewer monster" can enter the building and might grow up and destroy the city.

: : : : : Thanks for the answer. There is nothing under the floor, so what should I tell the plumber to do about it. I didn't mention that this building is in Japan, so I have to try to get the plumber to listen to me. My past experience is that they don't enjoy having laymen questioning their judgement.
: : : : : : If they are floor mounted then the trap has to be under the floor. Wall mount urinals either have the trap built in, or it is visible beneath the urinal.

: : : : : : : Our school building has two urinals, but we have been plauged for years with a bad toilet smell. Recently, we had a plumbing problem and I was under the building, but didn't see anything like a trap for the urinal. Are they built in?

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