Re: Replacing pee trap under foundation
Posted by Fred on June 06, 2001 at 07:46:03:
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Okay, I can't really see any clamps so would that make is no-hub or fernco? Also, I'm unable to pull it out. How would I do that? And what type of connection should i replace it with?

: It is either a no-hub or Fernco type coupling, and if you could pull it out without loosening the clamps it would not be a very good seal.

: : I recently broke up the cement foundation in my masterbath around the shower drain to accomodate a new shower. Once I got down past the concert and dug up the dirt around the p-trap I noticed that both ends of the p-trap were connected to either end of the drain with some type of rubber gasket. I could wiggle the drain and p-trap around but couldn't get it to come loose because of this rubber gasket. What is this? How do I get it loose and what type of connections do I replace it with? The house was built in 1970 if that helps out any.

: : Thanks

: : Fred

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