Re: My submersible water well keeps blowing capacitors
Posted by More on June 06, 2001 at 04:17:01:
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The start capacitor simply stores electricity to provide the current to overcome the torque right at startup from a dead start while spinning and lifting the weight of water till the run relay kicks in. If the problem just recently started, look at the relay contacts and wiring at the connectors and wire nuts. Are they corroded and rusting? clean em up. Look at the wiring at the circuit breaker and look closely at any exposed bends at the lock nuts and conduit or flex connectors. Any sign of the insulation wearing off of the wiring? Any signs of small short circuits (power leaking out of the conductor to the metal frame or conduit), sparks or burn spots? If so deenergize the circuit and repair the wiring, Small shorts will cause a significant voltage drop since the hot leads have to travel all the way from the breaker to the submerged pump. Some times the torque arrestor in the well casing gets loose, and allows the pump to shake and twist at startup, and that'll wear out the wiring in the well shaft, but you won't be able to see that until you pull the pump. Look for what would cause such a voltage spike to blow the start capacitor, where you can visually inspect the wiring. Look for a slow blow capacitor, maybe that'll buy you some time. Try replacint the circuit breaker. Its cheap insurance.

: Hi,
: I am just curious if anybody else has ever had this problem... I have a 9 year old submersible well pump that has suddenly started blowing capacitors... Voltage up top is okay, What I do notice is that I'm drawing about 14.2 amps which is slightly over rating for my 1.5 horse pump ( should be around 13 amps)... I have replaced the relays and the capacitors twice now... My Well Guy says it's time to replace the pump which will cost me about 3 grand...Any other ideas before I do that??

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