Re: Caulking around top of bathtub-how to remove.
Posted by More on June 06, 2001 at 04:01:19:
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The rubbery stuff is called caulking. It can be removed by choosing a point to poke into it with a knife to rip it, and then pull it away from the tub and wall surface. Go to your plumbing supply house and ask for tub and tile sealer (caulk) in the color that you want, and read the installation directions. You don't really need a machine or a caulking gun, wear rubber gloves and ventilate the work area well.Start the procedure by making sure all the junk you pull out leaves a clean dry surface to place the new sticky material.

: Dear Terry: Thank you for your very swift reply as to the above question. Yes, I have used Tilex; will try bleach again. I really don't know if it is called caulking but it is the rubbery stuff you can pump out of this piece of equipment. Also used around the floor edge of the tub I believe the mildew is probably embedded into this caulking. I realize this condo is at least 25 years old but I do like it to look clean. Thanks again. I will let you know how things develop. Have a 'happy' summer.

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