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Posted by More on June 06, 2001 at 03:53:23:
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Stainless steel can be welded if it is really just a pinhole, but the heat required plays havoc with any enamelized coating on the work surface, as well as the plastic or rubber disposal and or sink drain catch basin, and causes it to fail. The welding is so hot and localized it discolors the brushed polished stainless surface. Super glue has an adhesive in it that acts like little tiny suction cups that bond to the surface, which after time will react to the dish soap and cleansing agents, and will leak. Epoxy and other glues have the same problem. Stainless steel is called stainless because of it's manufacture compound, which keeps it from being porous enough to allow stains to bond. Unfortunately it keeps glue from bonding long too. Try the super glue patch for as long as it works, Hint a lot, ....and pretend to be excited when he buys you a new stainless steel kitchen sink for your birthday.

: When finding a pool of water under the sink, we then discovered that there was a very small hole in the lower surface of our stainless steel sink. My husbasnd put SuperGlue on the spot and it has been holding a few days. Is there a permanent correction to this problem or must the sink be replaced?

: Thanks

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