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The reason you were sold the home with the Home Owners warrantee is to cover just such a problem. Your "Oh by the way" is a serious issue. The adequately designed septic tank and disposal field which is permitted for the house is based upon MINIMUM allowable absorption area, which is being exceeded by the leaking toilet fixtures. Look at your Homeowners Insurance policy and ensure that the septic system is covered and has coverage included for repair and installation (including landscape) if necessary. If the toilet flush valve is leaking, it is defective. Don't try to fix it yourself.Contact a Licensed plumber for a second opinon prior to authorizing replacement, unless the home owners warrantee specifically says the lender gets to call the plumber. Maintain your investment in the home, if need be, contact a Real Estate Attorney to ensure your family and home is safe.

: Recently purchased an existing home that had been "updated" with a Briggs low volume flush toilet. The flush valve is solid brass/bronze and nothing like I have ever seen before--with a take-off that feeds into an ejector for the rim flush. The valve is like nothing I've ever seen before, and like nothing available at Plumbing houses or home centers, and the standard valve will not work--fit and function.
: I have a one-year home owner's warranty on the house--including the plumbing. I contacted them, and in turn had a plumber authorized to fix the problem. However, I feel the "fine print" in the warranty is going to bite me--"...toilet bowls and mechanisms(replaced with builders standard as necessary..."). I feel they are going to give me a problem since this toilet seems to have no "builders standard mechanism." What can I do--and oh by the way, the valve is leaking badly enough to keep my septic field really green!!!
: Thanks!!

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