Broken sewer line ?
Posted by Steve on June 04, 2001 at 23:20:05:
I have an old house that was built in 1952,and has cast iron sewer pipe.I have lived in the house for 11 years and recently had to have the main sewer line snaked where it comes out of the house.It has backed up twice in about 4 months.My plumber says I have a major break in the line because he cut tree roots out of the line,there was even a worm on it.However ther was no dirt.The line is working for now so it probably isnt colapsed.I dug and have access to most the line exept wher it goes under the tree.Other plumbers have said I didnt need to do all that, just have it snaked.Did I get bad advice? Also It looks like the sewer tap is About 6 inch pipe. Is it possible that my neighbors line tees into the same tap?

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