Re: Septic odor in house.
Posted by Terry Love on June 04, 2001 at 21:24:17:
In response to Re: Septic odor in house.

The vent cap may be a bad air emiter. A good replacement is made by Studor. Terry

: I recently moved into a rental home and after about a month the master bathroom fills with the most awful "old diaper" smell. It seems to be coming from under the sink in the cabinet. I checked under there and it looks like there is a pipe with a vent cap on it. Is this code? Shouldn't that go up to the roof? Is the septic system venting into my house? Is this a health hazard? The smell comes and goes and first appeared after an intensely hot couple of days of weather. Usually the smell is the worst overnight and by morning you can't even enter the bathroom. It goes away during the day but returns at night. (Although sometimes it comes and goes throughout the day).

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