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Posted by hj on June 02, 2001 at 09:07:11:
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Since it is very difficult to wrap the tape if the thread is pointing away from you, assume that you are looking at the opening of the threaded end you wish to tape. Start at the end of the pipe and wrap it clockwise, to the right, spiraling it up to the base of the thread. Metal pipes can tolerate more layers than PVC which should only have about two layers to prevent creating stress that can crack the fitting.

: When using teflon tape on a taper thread, in what direction should the tape be applied to create the best lubrication and seal? And please don't just say clockwise or counterclock wise as this can mean 2 different directions depending on which way you are looking at the thread.

: ie. does it go with the thread, against the thread, do you start from the small end of the thread or the large end?

: Thanks for the help.

: Jeff

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