Re: Is PF/2 really that bad?
Posted by hj on June 01, 2001 at 09:56:49:
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Two reasons I am not in favor of the PF units. First they are noisy. Second they depend on the captive air in the tank to generate the flush power. Over time, that air can be lost through abborption into the water or insignificant leaks. When that happens the flush no longer operates properly and the handle must be held to complete the flush at greatly reduced force. Repair includes recognizing that the user has a problem and then recharging the tank.

: How about some comments on PF/2. Can't find anyone strongly in favor of the system. What is wrong with it? Given the choice between a PF/2 unit w/17" height bowl for about $300.00 or a TOTO Drake 17" for $319.00, is there a clear winner here? I need 2 toilets for a new house.

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