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Posted by hj on June 01, 2001 at 09:46:36:
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They all are removable, but without seeing yours, it is not possible to tell you at which point the valve separates to remove it. Sometimes the tile cement is bonded to the stem and has to be removed so the stem can turn. Other times, the stem itself is stuck in the body and has to be induced to come out.

: I am replacing some bathroom fixtures. I have removed the handle which controls the diverter valve,and I have removed the bonnet nut. I can't seem to remove the diverter valve. The main nut contaning the smaller nut came out, but the brass stem screw and the spindle won't seem to come out. Are they un-removable? The apartment is from 1935 and I imagine that the fixtures have never been removed. What do you think can be done?
: Thank you, Chad

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