Re: Leaking bathtub faucet
Posted by hj on June 01, 2001 at 09:40:49:
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One thing that is not in the directions is to not use extreme force when removing the cap. Extreme force can result in you having a two piece faucet with the second piece being in your hands. If this occurs you need to find a good plumber that knows how to put it back together or an ordinary plumber that can change the faucet.

: Dennis:A repair kit for your particular faucet is available at most large home supply places for less than 10 dollars. It comes with easy to follow instructions. The average home owner with
: average mechanical aptitude and basic hand tools can do this in an hour or two if no serious unforseen complications are not encountered.
: Three considerations of paramount importance
: are..follow the instructions carefully...follow the instructions carefully and follow the instructions carefully.
: Akmed........Lots of luck.

: I have a Delta Faucet that is only 3 years old in my bathtub that constantly leaks. It's a single faucet that controls hot and cold with one knob. Could anyone give me advice on how to fix this. Thanks

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