Re: Fiberglass shower/hairline cracks
Posted by Mike on May 30, 2001 at 21:17:16:
In response to Re: Fiberglass shower/hairline cracks
Where exactly on the bottom are these cracks - in the middle? -near the wall? -around the drain? Are they tiny little cracks or big ones? How many are there and how long are they?? Is the bottom smooth or anti-slip? Do you know the brand name or manufacturer?

Clean and dry the shower bottom, then stand in it and press hard with your feet on and around the cracks. Does it feel soft and moving near the cracks? Are the cracks opening and closing? If so, then the problem is a structural weakness (probably a manufacturing defect) and may or may not be "repairable", depending on how the internal structure of the shower is made and whether or not any moisture has leaked through.

If the bottom is solid and nothing is moving, then the problem is most likely either scratches or just "surface" cracks in the gelcoat, in which case the best advice is to live with it like that if it is not leaking.

From years of repair experience, I can advise (1) a new shower is a new shower; a repaired shower is a repaired shower; and (2) to find the best knowledgeable repair specialists in your area, call as many plumbers, retail stores and contractors as possible and ask who repairs fiberglass baths and showers - the name you hear the most is usually the best....

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