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Posted by hj on May 30, 2001 at 02:02:48:
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I would prefer to connect them is series so that you have 130 gallons available to the whirlpool tub. If you have a timer and do not run out of hot water, then it is not necessary. If you run out of water and the timer does not allow it to reheat until the time setting, then the timer is saving you energy, but at the cost of living with cold water for a period of time.

: The master bath in our new home will have a Grohe shower system with 3/4" valves that can theoretically pump 17.5 gallons a minute with all outlets open. Also a large whirlpool tub. I was considering using an
: 80 Gallon electric water heater for the master bath and a 50 Gallon electric for the rest of the house. Should these water heaters be connected together in series or be seperate entities? Do you believe water heater timers are worthwhile? Any recommendations on brand names or features for water heaters?

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