$4,800 water bill - major leak?
Posted by Michelle on May 29, 2001 at 13:17:40:
I live in Portland, Or. As you know, our city water dept. has had a major snafu in its new computer system and I have not had a bill for over a year. I've just been informed that my bill is $4,800 - they're sending an inspector to check for leaks. (Do ya think?) Anyway, I checked under the house, didn't see anything; but then opened the lid on the concrete cylinder outside that contains my main shut-off valve. There was about 6 inches of active, swirling water. I think this is bad. Before I call a plumber, can you offer some insight so I don't look completely stupid. And how could this leak cause a $400 a month water bill? Your help is appreciated.

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