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Posted by More on May 29, 2001 at 02:24:17:
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Filters are available for the whole home water system or the bathroom alone, and for the showerhead. Showerhead filters are large though, and require support structures to keep them from breaking the pipe nipple in the wall and incurring huge liability. Are you sure the problem is chlorine? Hard water deposits are essentially minerals in the water that are not removed by mild soaps, and they remain on your skin and in your hair. Try lathering in the shower with your normal soap three times, and then rinse one arm (or a leg) with distilled water from a separate bottled source. (buy a bottle of distilled water and take it into the shower with you). Then try to lather with the same soap again. Does the distilled rinsed side produce a much creamier richer lather using less soap, than the regular side ? If so, it's not chlorine you're fighting, its hard water. Water softeners are readily available also. Or Ionizaton products. If you want more information, e-mail me

: My question to anybody out there is:

: Has anyone heard of a shower head chlorine filter?
: When I wash my hair, it seems so hard on my skin.
: I don't know whether it is the shampoo or the Chlorine
: in the water. Jenifer

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