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Posted by More on May 29, 2001 at 01:25:18:
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The 8 year old fiberglass is showing the fine hairline cracks because of fatigue. The corner shower unit has no support under it, between the subfloor and the fiberglass, and has been flexing all these years. Fiberglass is a matrix of a thick gooey sticky resin embedded with a woven fabric to span an area. The weight of a person and the water, and the heat, and the soap, and the cleaning solvents, added to the weakness of the hole for the drain, are the problems you encounter when trying to make a patch. The top finished portion is what you want to see looking good, but the subfloor area and the gap between the fiberglass and a good support are the points that truly need to be addressed.

You just moved into the 8 year old home......did you buy it? It's still covered by warrantee , or a Homeowners insurance policy? Ask the seller to have it professionally replaced by a LICENSED plumber. A small repair that will cost close to 300 dollars will not hold up longer than two years.

: We just moved into an 8-year old home, and noticed fine hairline cracks in the bottom of the fiberglass corner shower unit. We heard there's a way to repair this with something. Is that true??

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