Re: removal of black (mildew?)around top edges of tub in caulking.
Posted by More on May 29, 2001 at 00:38:57:
In response to Re: removal of black (mildew?)around top edges of tub in caulking.
Is the mildew embedded into the caulking? or just acting as a trim around the top edges? Mildew is mold spores that grow as a result of the warm interior environment, moisture, plentiful bacteria, and breeding time. There are MANY mildewcide products readily available for your use. Comet and Tilex and even Loving Bubble Foamex are all available as non toxic compounds. (You don't mention if you've tried these.) Mildew can be prevented by drying off the caulk after a shower, but who wants to do that?
When the mildew is embedded into the caulk and cannot readily be removed by using non toxic means, toxic cleaners might help Depending on the mildew Bleach or ammonia (CAUTION - DON"T MIX THE TWO!!!) sometimes a light acid application works. If embedded, the correct procedure is (ugh!) removal of the caulk, and re-application. a Licensed plumber will be happy to perform the service for you.

: Please let me know how to remove it with (hopefully) a non-toxic cleaner.

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