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Posted by More on May 29, 2001 at 00:27:32:
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40 or 50 feet is not very far from the water heater. If it takes forever to get hot water, you have a different problem. Can you attach a garden hose to the hose bibb type drain at the water heater, and get quick hot water to fill the tub? If so, then the water heater works fine, but the piping from the hot water outlet of the hot water heater, through the walls to the tub is the problem. First try to remove the screen at the tub filler spout and see if it has obstructions. Clean it, look into the spout and see if it is restricted, and if not replace the screen and try again. If the trouble persists, disconnect the hot water line at the heater, and look for corrosion inside the line, and open the tub spout, and apply an air supply to the line to see if air flows freely. See if you dislodge crud from inside the line. If so, this indicates the piping is corroded, and a recirculating line, if installed would run backwards, and won't do the right job. You would be well advised to first contact LICENSED plumbers in your area for a written estimate to correct the problem.

: Have recently purchased a 60 yr old ranch style house with the water heater 40-50 ft away from the bathroom. It takes forever to get any hot water to fill the tub. Other than installing a pump, is there another method of running a recirc line without the pump installation? I've been told that there might be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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