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Posted by More on May 29, 2001 at 00:15:30:
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You don't say what area you are in, where this jacuzzi tub is, or what model Jacuzzi it is.Most models have a single pump motor that supplys pressure to all of the jets. So if one works fine and all the others are just so-so, you can suspect an obstruction at the tee following the one that works well. Some models have separate pumps for differing "zone". You can try to fix it yourself, but if you are having difficulty with the cleanout, you would be highly advised to contact a LICENSED plumber.

The reason is because the compact Jacuzzi uses 230 volts electricity for heaters, 115 volts for the pump and recirculators, and low voltage for the temperature sensors, lights and controls, and all these high electrical circuits are packaged within the same proximity of the high pressure plastic piping, all within the compact (well designed)Jacuzzi package (designed to be moved in through existing [tight fitting] doorways. If you remove one of the jet screens and poke into the internal piping and accidently cause an internal leak, trying to get the jets correct, you'll be voiding your homeowners warranty. You just bought the home and have every right to expect it to be working well. Contact the selling Agent and ask them to contact a LICENSED INSURED plumber to set things right, and allow you to enjoy your new lovely home in happiness. DON'T Try to fix it yourself!

: We just bought a home with a Jacuzzi tub and shower combo. The unit is about 11 years old. Only 1 of the jets has a lot of pressure, the others are just so-so. I'm wondering if the jets just need cleaning or do we need to have someone come look at it. There is this thing that says "cleanout" on it, but I'm afraid to take it off. Will it help the pressure to clean out the "cleanout?" Thanks!

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