New toilet installation product
Posted by Pebsa on May 28, 2001 at 13:13:27:

The present model developed and patented by PEB S.A. comprises a joint to simplify and facilitate the installation of toilet bowls with different bases, as well as the rest of the sanitary ware. Formed by a perimetrical ring copying the form of the appliance, and particularly in the case of the toilet bowls, also formed by an inner ring which joins the bowl with the drain pipe.
The main purpose of this joint is essentially to definitely end with the complications derived from the installation of sanitary ware, especially toilet bowls. Due to this reason, the created joint model�s principal purpose is to facilitate the installation of the appliance, because that joint is placed between the footing and the floor, with the purpose of copying, disguising, sealing and avoiding sewer emanations which tend to appear in a bathroom, as well as leaks and discharge of liquids.
We know that all these inconveniences are likely to happen, but we also know that they will be over from the moment one uses this joint.

It is made of molded plastic material, preferably polyvinyl, rubber or similar material, with the addition of antibacterial products, which offer slightly elastic characteristics to obtain effective sealing, coupling and airtightness, as has been previously mentioned in the irregularities presented in the appliance, floor or pipe, avoiding its deterioration in the course of time.
Another subject taken into account is the saving of time in the installation, because it is known that the periods of time and the sealing are at present not short nor simple. The use of the joint makes it possible to considerably reduce the time for installation and facilitates the job.
There are different plastic or metallic devices in the market which try to solve the different inconveniences in the installation and sealing of the different sanitary ware, but none of them has been able to solve all the above mentioned inconveniences. Only the joint developed by PEB S.A. joins in only one device all the sealing and hygiene requirements with a quick, simple and economic installation.

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