Re: Cementing around basement toilet flange
Posted by Brad on May 27, 2001 at 22:07:16:
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: : I broke up the floor, the plumber came in and re-plumbed the basement bathroom sewer line, and now I'm re-cementing. However, the flange (3" Sioux Chief T.K.O. pvc) is sticking above the floor line (1/4" to the bottom of the flange, 7/8" to the top of the flange).
: : Is this right?!?
: : Will it work for vinyl floor?
: : If not, how about ceramic tile?

: Brad,
: The TKO flange will lose 1/4" in height when the knock-out is removed.

: If you have the toilet you will be installing, you can check now.

: I'm thinking without seeing what you have, maybe vinyl, tile no problem.

I do have the toilet. Should I knock out the prior to setting the toilet base on? Do I need the wax ring to determine proper height, or does that not matter?
Thanks in advance!

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