Using sewage ejector vent pipe for toilet
Posted by Phill Apley on May 25, 2001 at 22:00:19:
I have a large first floor room with a hot tub sunk halfway into the floor. Below is a basement area with a sewage ejector for the hot tub. I want to subdivide the room and add a full bathroom on one side of the room, and I want to use the existing vent pipe that is set up for the sewage ejector, and probably run all the waste through the sewage ejector. The sewage ejector is about 15 feet away at basement level, from where the toilet will be, but the waste and vent pipes from the sewage ejector pass about 8 feet horizontally and 2 feet vertically below the toilet.

Can I use the vent pipe from the sewage ejector to vent the entire bathroom?

Does the sewage ejector need a 3 inch effluent pipe, or is 2 inches on the output end sufficient?

I'm in Boston.

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