Re: New Sillcock with threads
Posted by Terry Love on May 25, 2001 at 19:49:55:
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: Two of my outdoor sillcocks have corroded to the point where I can't screw the hose to them. I have purchased two new sill cocks with threaded ends. They look to be the same that are alread on the house. I want to replace the sillcock only by simply unscrewing the old one, cleaning the threads, applying some teflon tape and installing the new sillcocks. Will this work? Do I need to solder these or is the teflon tape enough. May seam like a stupid question but I'm no plumber. Thanks for your help.

If indeed, the sillcocks are threaded on, then yes, that will work.

In cold climates, outside frostproof sillcocks, may have 6" or longer extensions, which make replacement a bit tougher. Terry

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