Re: Low Water pressure
Posted by Terry Love on May 24, 2001 at 13:08:42:
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: I recently purchased a home, built in 1952. It has low water pressure coming from all faucets in
: the Kitchen and main bath(they are back to back) However the hot water coming out of the tub
: faucet seems to be the worst of all..barely a trickle.. but coming from the shower head it is tolerable.
: The bathroom sink and shower I have in the basement seems to have a little better pressure. Does
: this sound simply like a matter of cleaning the screens and or aeroator (sp?) in the upstairs faucets
: I haven't tried that yet.
: Oh by the way ... all faucets seem to be a little older ..(installed perhaps in the 70's?)
: I would so appreciate any help!! Thank you !!

By all means, do check the aerators and see if flow is good at that point.
A 1952 home is unlikely to have as good a volumne as a home with newer pipe though.
Cleaning and/or replacing the flow restrictors may get you by though. Terry

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