Help! Offset Flange Question
Posted by Tom on May 24, 2001 at 10:39:54:
My wife and I are struggling about the use of an offset flange. We have decided on a 12" toilet (Kohler Portrait), but have a 14" rough in. This is new construction, but there is a floor joist in the way so we had to go 14".
Now, we have two options: Install the 12" toilet and it sticks out a couple of inches from the wall; OR we use an "offset closet flange". Of course, getting a 14" toilet is out of the question...

I have heard that offset flanges are prone to clogging, etc. Using a pressure assisted toilet might help, but my wife doesn't like the sound of them. Is there really a risk of clogging with the flange, or will we be OK using one? If we are stuck, does a 12" toilet on a 14" rough in look ridiculous?

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