Re: Shower pans
Posted by hj on May 23, 2001 at 08:41:35:
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You are confusing the pan with the liner. ANY fabricated pan needs the lead, vinyl, or whatever, liner to protect against the inevitable joint separtion and seepage through the material. Corian and cultured marble are the shower floor's surfaces not the underneath material to guard against leakage. In order to do its job properly, the liner has to be one piece folded to fit or its joints have to be "welded" in order to make it a one piece unit.

: I am going to remodel a shower that has an odd sized floor. My choice is to use tile over mud and a vinyl liner or corian or some other type of material like cultered marble or the like. I cannot use a stock pan because of the odd size. Vinyl or lead pans seem to have a history of problems but I know nothing about Corian or cultered marble pans with respect to crack resistance, life and ability to be cleaned. Can anyone help here?

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