Re: Testing Hot Water Heater Elements and Thermostats
Posted by hj on May 22, 2001 at 08:31:12:
In response to Re: Testing Hot Water Heater Elements and Thermostats
Unless you are a well equipped handyperson or an electrician, you probably do not have the proper tester. But in case you do, first check the lower element for full voltage. If it is getting 240 v. then use a snap around ammeter to see if it is drawing current. If amperage is zero, the element is bad. If the is no hot water and the reset is on, then do the above to the upper element first. If the upper element was bad check voltage between the upper left screw and the lower right one on the upper thermostat. There should be 240 v if the lower element is good. Testing the thermostats requires different tests, but the above should give you an indication of what is involved and find a bad element.

: From reading your posts, I have determined that one or all of my hot water elements or thermostats are bad. I had very hot water and the reset switch had kicked. All seemed fine last night. This morning, same senario with hot water, but reset was fine. My question is: How do I test the elements/thermostats to see which one or all to replace? Is it trial and error, start with a certain one, or is there some way to use a tester? If so, how do I do that? Thanks.

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