Venting a gas dryer
Posted by Lynn on May 21, 2001 at 23:31:25:
I'm installing a gas dryer in the basement. There is an existing gas hookup that I'll be using, but it's about 20 feet diagonally across from the only possible exterior vent. The former owners of this house never even bothered venting to the outside.

If I put a 4" vent duct in a straight line it's going to cut diagonally across the basement and would be at about head level (has to be that low in order to pass under the joists - perfect for walking smack into it). To be less in the way, I'd like to install it in a not-so-straight line. My question is, how many elbows can I put in it and how many total linear feet can the ducting be?

Lastly, and I'm embarrassed to ask this, but is the vent taking out dangerous carbon monoxide or just damp air with lint? And if it's necessary to vent a gas dryer's carbon monoxide, why isn't it necessary to vent a gas stove?


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