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Posted by Terry Love on May 18, 2001 at 13:34:54:
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: We are finshing our basement and I am overwhelmed by all the information and specifics that I have to process. We have torn out the original 1927 galvanized pipes and are replacing with copper (abs drain pipes). Did we make the right decision to use copper over plastic? People keep asking us why we are putting in copper, why would we spend the extra time and money on it. I need some good arguments to defend myself. In the bathroom by husband and I are fighting over the tub. I say cast iron, he says fiberglass. And do you folks offer any advise for radiant floor heating?

There isn't that much difference between the two, copper and plastic to worry about. It's your home, I would go with what you are comfortable with and stick to it.

When building homes, everyone that walked in had an opinion on what they would like. If you listened to everyone, the project wouldn't get done. Their option? They could build their own. You don't have to listen so much.

The choice between fiberglass and cast iron is tough. There are good reasons for both.
It's Friday, make sure you guys plan some time together this weekend and be thankful you have a partner to even consider planing with.
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