Move oil fired hot water heater register
Posted by Henry Benway on May 26, 19100 at 09:47:46:
I have an oil fired hot water furnace. The furnace
is circa 1950-60. The heater registers are large finned
units with 4 copper tubes running through each. the covers
are large 32(H)x12(D)x48(L). I need to move one of these
regesters 4 inches to the left. I plan cut the 2 in/out
pipes, in the cellar, about 2" below floor level; lift the
register out; drill new holes 4 inches to the left;
insert register in new holes; adjust pipe length in cellar;
& reconnect using compression fittings. Any one see any
flaws, or 'gotchas' with this plan.

I need to drain the water lines before I start the
above. I willdrain the storage/holding tank. But are
there additional valves I should look for, to also drain?

Appreciate any & all advice.

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