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: Terry, I have a slight problem. I live in a Condo and we have a bathroom upstairs and right underneath it is our kitchen. We recently discovered that our toilet upstairs was leaking because the drywall in our kitchen was wet. My brother, dad and I tried to fix it, we put a new wax ring on and it seemed fine for a few days. Just today I look at my ceiling and it is wet again!! Is there anything I can do or is it serious enough that I have to call a plumber to fix it and have somebody replace the floor in the bathroom where the ceiling is and the drywall in the kitchen?

there are many places it could be leaking from. the most common is the wax ring as you have already replaced. if you want to know for sure where the leak is coming from then open the sheetrock in the kitchen ceiling below the toilet. it's the only way you will know for sure, and if the sheetrock is already damaged and wet you will just be one step ahead for the sheetrock will have to be replaced anyway.

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