tub plumbing on half wall
Posted by Tiffany on August 19, 1998 at 21:14:27:
I just bought a house---Major problem is that the tub's plumbing(ie faucet) are on a half wall---there is no shower---I am trying to figure out an inexpensive way to put in a functional and attractive shower here--I have seen where you can attach a long pipe to the faucet and put a shower head on the end of it, but i have been unable to find anyone that carries such a fixture----Another problem is that b/c this was meant to be used as a tub, the tile only goes about half the way up the wall--the house was built in 1957 and I doubt I could find tile to match---the final thing that I have to dael with is that b/c it is only a half wall, there is no way to hang a shower curtain--I have found curtain rods that are in a L shape which would probably work, but im not sure how the curtain would fit along the half wall (I couldn't get to the faucet unless I cut the curtain)--Anyway, any advice would be of great help to me

Thank you!!

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