Re: Flappers for Crane toilets
Posted by Kevin Dale on May 24, 19100 at 10:32:38:
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Have a similar issue...........thanks for the advice. KD

: Lavelle, (Korky) makes a Crane version and they work as good as a Crane one. And you don't have to worry about the foam float coming loose and falling into the toilet.

: : My next door neighbor is a plumber, and tells me that replacement flappers
: : for Crane toilets (which I have in my house) are extremely difficult to find, for some reason.
: : I need to replace them, as I am getting water leakage through the flappers in all of my toilets.
: : Any advice on where to look? He tells me that there are no generic or universal flappers that
: : will work on these toilets, only Crane.

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